About Princess Luciana

Luciana is the princess of a kingdom neighboring Appolonia. Her mother, Queen Arianna, arranged a marriage between Luciana and Prince Antonio. Although Luciana was nervous, she agreed to the arrangement with the hopes that she and her new fiance would fall in love and live happily ever after. However, when Luciana met Prince Antonio, she quickly noticed that Antonio was already in love with another girl - Ro, a girl that Antonio found living among the animals on an island in the south seas.

Luciana did not want to interfere with the couple's happiness, realizing that Antonio could never love her if he was already in love with another. Unfortunately, Queen Arianna and Antonio's father, King Peter, were not going to be easily swayed from their plans, and insisted that Antonio and Luciana continue with the marriage plans as originally intended. Luciana and Antonio did their best to try and get to know each other, but it didn't take long to realize that the two had absolutely nothing in common.

Although Luciana constantly tried to dissuade her mother from forcing her to marry Antonio, Arianna stubbornly insisted that the wedding go on as planned. The day of the wedding, Luciana noticed that her mother was behaving strangely; moreover, Arianna insisted that Luciana not touch any of the food at the wedding reception, which Luciana found suspicious. When King Peter accused Ro of poisoning the food, Luciana realized that it hadn't been Ro, but rather her own mother. When Queen Arianna's treachery was exposed, the wedding was called off, allowing Antonio and Ro to be together, and giving Luciana the freedom she desired to find a true love of her own.

Luciana is a truly kind person and a wonderful role model. She is a hopeless romantic, who dreams of having a great romance and marrying the man she loves and living happily ever after. She adores reading, music of every form (especially opera), and loves art. She reputedly is an excellent painter. She also has a cat named Pearl, and seems to be an animal lover.

Luciana is also a good friend. Although Ro was completely unfamiliar with the refinements of society, Luciana reaches out to her and helps her save face a tea party with Antonio's parents. Luciana is also very supportive of Ro and Antonio, telling Antonio that she wants him to be happy with Ro, and saying that she hopes that someday, she will meet someone who looks at her the way he looks at Ro.

Luciana is, without a doubt, my favorite character in Barbie as the Island Princess. She is so sweet! I also love that she wasn't one of those witchy girls who try to take the boy away from the main girl; she realized right off the bat that Antonio loved someone else, and that realistically, they wouldn't make a good pair, so she allows Antonio to be with Ro with no complaint. I admire her so much for that! Also, she has an adorable voice. I love her lines in "Love is For Peasants":

All the books I've read
All the poems always said
That a heart is made to share
Joy's not found in things
Such as necklaces and rings
But in love that's always there
That's the jewel beyond compare

I also really love the Luciana doll. My sister got it for her birthday, and I've basically stolen it from her. :-)



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