I know rules are boring, but we must follow them! So here are the ones required by The Fanlistings Network.

1) You must be a fan of the comic Mary Jane (also known as Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane).

2) You have to provide a name. It doesn't have to be your real name, a screen name or nick name will work just fine. That way, we can list you.

3) You also have to provide your geographic location and your e-mail address, but if you don't want your e-mail shown to the public, just let me know and I won't display it.

4) If you have a website, it would be really nice if you put up one of the buttons found here, and linked it to http://noble-scarlet.net/maryjane. It's not required, but it would be nice of you. ^_^

5) Please, no direct linking!

Now, those weren't so bad, were they? Now, please feel free to join!