About the Barbielistings

The Barbielistings exists as a directory for Barbie-related fanlistings and fansites. Its purpose is to collect a list of all the best Barbie fansites, and link them in one place for easy viewing. These sites are primarily dedicated the the ever-growing Barbie fantasy movie series (both the Princess collection and the Fairytopia series); however, Barbie merchandise-related fansites and fanlistings are welcome too. If you are interested in submitting a link, please go here.

The Barbielistings began back in August 2005 as a portal for the various Barbie fanlistings I ran. At the time, I was the only one who ran fanlistings dedicated the Barbie movies, so the site was quite small. I also included a list of links at the bottom of the page to the few toy-related fanlistings (general Barbie, Dolls of the World, and Generation Girl). However, as the fanbase of the movies began to grow, I started receiving e-mails with more links to add at the bottom of the page. Before long, the number of external links outnumbered the fanlistings hosted on my own domain!

There was a particularly large growth of fanlistings after the release of The Twelve Dancing Princesses; the combination of this growth spurt and the fact that I adopted three new fanlistings meant that the old format simply would not work any longer. Additionally, several of the webmistresses expressed interest in linking back to the Barbielistings as a standard directory; therefore, I decided to convert the site to being a full-fledged directory!

It is my hope that the new format will be beneficial to my fellow webmistresses, and that the site will be more navigable. With new movies coming out every spring and fall, I look forward to seeing the Barbielistings expand!

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