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Donald Duck is the short-tempered, irascible star of many of Disney's classic cartoons. He is well-known for his irritablity and short-temperedness, and has been known to erupt at Mickey, Goofy, Chip & Dale, his own nephews, and many others. There is one person, however, who can easily reign Donald in. This is his girlfriend, Daisy. Although more modern interpretations portray Daisy as sassy, bossy, and almost abrasive in her behavior towards Donald, my favorite version of Miss Duck is the one from the old shorts and comic series. In these versions, Daisy is a sweet-voiced, generally mild-mannered girl, but she has a little temper of her own! If anyone crosses her, she may throw a tantrum to rival Donald's. Generally, though, she is the perfect complement to him. He becomes meek and sweet in Daisy's prescence. Although they have their humorous ups and downs, we all know that they just could not exist without each other. They truly are, Oddly, Perfect! :-)

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