Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane takes place in Queens, New York where a high schooler named Mary Jane Watson deals with typical teen worries, like Homecoming, boys, grades, and part-time jobs. While this girl seems happy-go-lucky on the outside, she really is trying to forget the fact that life is harsh. While she deals with her circle of friends, Liz Allen, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, and Peter Parker, this all-American teen also has to come to terms with her crush on the mysterious and ever-alluring Spider-Man. And what will she do when a new girl named Gwen Stacy arrives on the scene with her sights set on Peter Parker?

The series began in 2004 under the title Mary Jane. It ran eight issues under this name, undergoing a good amount of turbulence and threat of cancellation. These first eight issues are available in graphic novel format under the titles "Mary Jane: Circle of Friends" and "Mary Jane: Homecoming." In December 2005, the series began running as a monthly magazine entitled Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. There were twenty issues total released in this format, with several graphic novels also available at this time.

After a year on hiatus, the series resumed as a five-part miniseries in August 2008 with a new writer (Terry Moore) and a new artist (Craig Rousseau). The "new" series starts the numbering over (issue 1, etc), but continues the story by picking up a few months after SMLMJ 20 left off. This miniseries is unavailable for subscription, so make sure to pick up a copy at your local comic book store!

You can check out the first issue of SMLMJ online at Marvel Digital Comics! You can also purchase back issues and graphic novel versions of the comics here.

Script: Sean McKeever (MJ 1-8, SMLMJ 1-20), Terry Moore (SMLMJ2 1+)
Pencils: Takeshi Miyazawa (MJ 1-8, SMLMJ 1-15), David Hahn (SMLMJ 16-20), Craig Rousseau (SMLMJ2 1+)
Guest artists: Valentine DeLandro (SMLMJ 6-7), Rick Mays (SMLMJ 13)
Colors: Christina Strain, Guillem Mari

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